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Owners Manual

TechnoPump™ Care and Maintenance

Thank you for choosing the peristaltic TechnoPump™ manufactured by the JMC Pump Company.

With minimal maintenance, TechnoPump™ will give long-term trouble free operation.  With TechnoPump™, tube changeout occurs less frequent versus quick-change pumps.


Always disable power supply to the pump before servicing.

Never run the pump without the cover installed.

Never stop or restrict the flow from the outlet tube, this will create excessive pressure and tube leakage.


    • Mount the pump horizontally to upright, do not mount inverted or outdoors unprotected.

    • After tube installation assure there is no pulling on the tube since it will shorten the tube inside the pump
      housing impairing performance.

    • Keep the tube and pump clean and moisture free.

    • Do not over tighten cover thumbscrews, pump housing cap screws, and rotor socket setscrew.


Occasionally, check that two cover thumbscrews are snug, do not over tighten.

Tube changeout does not require any tools.

1) When installing a new tube, first insert and feed through the inlet port allowing the recommended tube and fitting to wedge into the inlet port which secures the tube, see Figure 1.  Not required on JMC "NEW MODEL" pump.
2) Take into account the tube’s natural coil state.  The tube should be fed without twisting while finally fed through the outlet port, see Figure 2.
3) Tube correctly installed is positioned to make contact with the back of the housing and inside diameter, see Figure 3.

Reinstall roller (described below) and pump cover.  Complete the tube changeout with approved tube fitting and clamps, see Figure 4.

To remove the roller:

         Index the roller clockwise which allows clearance for removal, see Figure 5.

To install the roller:

         Index the roller counterclockwise touching the back of the housing and inside the lip of the housing.
         Stop when the roller is pressing firmly against tube, see Figure 6.

Whenever the tube is removed, check if the rotor is secure on the gearmotor shaft.  If needed, the rotor can be tightened with a ⅛” hex key, do not over tighten, just make contact and then lightly snug against the gearmotor shaft’s flat.

Unless otherwise stated, your pump exclusively uses a ¼” OD x ⅛” ID section of 50A Durometer silicone rubber tubing rated for peristaltic pump usage.  Please Note: Some silicone rubber tubing is not rated for peristaltic pumps; other manufacturers erroneously claim ¼” OD.  Do not allow tube fittings to protrude into the housing which will rupture the tube and damage the pump.  Upon request, we can supply approved OEM ready to use tubing, fittings and precision rollers for your application.  Please consult the manufacturer for technical assistance if required.

Unless otherwise specified, the pump is to run clockwise.  Contact the manufacturer if continuous counterclockwise operation is required.

Lubrication is not required nor recommended, the natural lubrication qualities of the thermoplastic materials selected for the rotor and roller are sufficient.
It is unlikely the pump housing will become loose from the gearmotor since the socket cap screws have both lock washers and threadlocker.  Nonetheless, the pump housing cap screws use a 5/32” hex key, do not over tighten.

Your comments are welcome and again, thank you for selecting TechnoPump™.

JMC Pump Company
PO Box 4054
Traverse City, MI 49685
(231) 929-0015

REV August 2018
US Patent Pending

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